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    "Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño" by Sara Valcárcel

    Sara Valcárcel was born in 1994 in Galicia, where she studied Audiovisual Communication. She had the opportunity to "emigrate" for a year to Buenos Aires, following the path of her parent´s family. She fell in love with the people, the landscapes, their conception of the world and their lifestyle. She bought a backpack to take all the paths she encountered, fascinated with eyes wide open, trying to learn everything about this new world that was opening in front of her. Now, she is based in Berlin and she is presenting her first exhibition "Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño" in the Gat Point Charlie Hotel.


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    "The Synthesis / La síntesis" by daniel bayardi

    Daniel Bayardi´s artwork represents synthesis. It focuses on the simple and elementary – the soul of all that exists. It is about reducing everything to its essential  and  human  elements. It is about the equilibrium and harmony between light and shadow. The noise of civilization is quieted allowing us to experience the purity of  form. We can rediscover ourselves in the most pure ideas and which leads us to discover pure ideas and emotions.
    Daniel will be exhibiting at Hotel Gat Point Charlie from the 20th of September until the 8th of November 2016.


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    "Somewhere other than here" by Hyoyoun Lee

    Hyoyoun Lee is born in 1973, Seoul, South Korea. She studied Fine Arts at Hongik University in Seoul and Printmaking at Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. Hyoyoun Lee currently lives and works in Seoul. Her works are collected by National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, and Seoul City Museum.
    Her works are stories about the times that she has passed along through her experiences and memories. Her works often depict people and modern cities and, possibly, around nature. In other times, the stories and visions come from the space in between objects and people, people and “scapes”. Hyoyoun will be exhibiting at Gat Point Charlie hotel from the 9th March until the 5th May.


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    "CITY" by Pablo Ramón Benitez

    26 May – 26 July 2016

    Pablo R. Benitez was born in Badajoz (Extremadura, Spain) in May 82. In 2009 he graduated in architecture and after visiting South America and UK he moved to Germany to develop his professional career. His strong background in architectural drawing helps him developing his painting, meanwhile he uses it to talk also about architecture. For many years he formed as self-taught although he had attended several painting courses at the School of Fine Arts in Seville. He won several times the first prize for young painters from Extremadura and long since he’s using acrylics and oils in liquid form on all surfaces. During this time he has had solo and group painting exhibitions where the study and understanding of the city through architectural drawing and realism have been his main theme.

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    "reverie" by veronica salguero

    Born in Argentina in 1973 and a graduate of the National University in Misiones, Verónica Salguero has lived and worked in Berlin since 2012. She is interested in the subjective dimension of human beings, in the duality of it spirit. Her work consist in big draws, collages und paper installations.

    Her exhibition "Reverie" will be presented at Hotel Gat Point Charlie from the 17th March until the 17th May 2016.

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    "MIMESIS" BY mireille ripoll

    Mireille Ripoll etches and plays around with a single matrix, until it surrenders – in both the literal and figurative senses, letting forms emerge as they emerge, like automatic writing, without thinking, in an organic, instinctive way. 

     Her current project is composed of monotypes, portraits of the other artists who have been at GlogauAIR during her residency. The pieces are developed through a variety of processes, depicting a personal impression of the portrayed artists.

     She will be exhibiting at Hotel Gat Point Charlie from the 20th of January to the 3rd of March 2016.


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    "nostalgic noise" by ayumi miyano

    Ayumi Miyano is a Berlin based photographer from Japan (1988) who is currently part of the GlogauAIR artist residence program.

    Ayumi can reveal her true personality in photographs being her goal to shake the inner life of the viewers.

    “nostalgic noise”, an exhibition at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie from November 17th to January the 8th.



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    "Radiografía" de Sonia Camacho

    Sonia Camacho is a Berlin-based illustrator and artist born Seville, Spain (1980), who currently is developing illustration and design projects in Europe.
    Experimenting with illustration techniques based on the execution of simple yet powerful portraits, the effects are based in the dexterity of the drawing, the capture of the psychological moment, and the originality of her compositions.
    RADIOGRAFIA, an exhibition of the illustrated songs, at the Gat Point Charlie from September the 16th to November the 6th.


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    The Gat Experience

    4 days, 9 instagramers.
    This has been #TheGatExperience.
    A new vision of Berlin and GatRooms.
    Find here some of the pictures that @aenade,
    @msubirats, @nicanorgarcia, @franvat, @lluisillo.photo, @roldixbcn, @olgavimo, @jeplluis and @sil8 have shared with us. From the 30th of July to the 2nd of August 2015.


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    Berlin Berlin Berlin: 3 visions 1 city

    The exhibition took Berlin as a starting point to reflect the process of discovering a city from the perspective of the one that arrive from abroad. This experience was structured in three modules - The arrival, The glances and The myth & the sleep, distributed in 23 works of different artists, Berliners and not Berliners.
    From the 20th of April to the 29th of May of 2015 at the Embassy of Spain in Berlin (exhibition) and at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie (installation)


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    Berlin Berlin Berlin, Photo Contest

    Organized by Gat Rooms to support new photography talents.
    The competition was framed within the project berlin berlin berlin, 3 visions 1 city, a collective exhibition that took place in between the Hotel Gat Point Charlie and the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.
    The 3 categories corresponded with the 3 views that anyone can have about the city of Berlin: the #gatberliner, the #gattraveller & the #gatgreeted
    The award ceremony took place at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie on the 22nd of April 2015

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    "Forat" de adrià de yzaguirre

    Adrià (1985) studied both graphic design and sculpture. After working for some years as an art director in Barcelona for adventising agencies, he moved to Berlin where he focused his attention in illustration and tattooing. His mix of disciplines can be found in the pursuit of balance between simple lines and volumes filled with textures, trademark of his work, which displays an interesting two-sided influence flavored with some recognizable elements of Surrealism and Medieval religious Art. At the Gat Point Charlie from February to April 2015.

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    Sergio Frutos' production moves somewhere in between the figurative and the abstrac and the exhibition at the Gat Point Charlie Hotel is a very good example. A selection of his “Natural History” and “Fake Diary” series can be seen on the walls of our Room Room while a wonderful miscellany of his “Interference Paterns” can be enjoyed at our breakfast area. From the 26th of November 2014 to the 26th of January 2015.

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    Contemplatio & Magic rooms

    Carlos Collado (Barcelona 1977) : “It moves me to observe people looking at something or someone. Perhaps it is because I identify with the person that stops to contemplate that which has caught their attention. I find that the attitude of observing the unknown and following it with the gaze reveals individuals as they truly are”. Magic Rooms & Compemplatio, are two series of photographs that were shown at the Gat Point Charlie Hotel between the 24th of September and the 29th of October 2014.

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    Emilio Fornieles

    From the 27th March until the 27th May 2014, the hotel Gat Point Charlie has dedicated exhibition space to the Spanish painter Emilio Fornieles (born 1975 in Terrasa). Emilio Fornieles is a mentee of the Nobel laureate in literature José Saramago, and this opening allows our guests as well as the general public the unique opportunity of getting closer to the painter and his amazing work. Viewers will be able to enjoy series such as: “Angelitos Negros”, “Flores de Lupanar”, “Lenguaje subjetivo” and “The Wave”.

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    Wege ums Kino

    The exhibition Wege ums Kino took place at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie from the 20th November until the 1st December 2013. Wege ums Kino was an exhibition of up and raising Spanish talents that took the wide world of the cinema as a starting point to elaborate a series of reflexions, re-readings and interpretations about the cinematic experience and its ability to express and produce emotions. The exhibition was built in eight theme modules, distributed among areas like the hotel lobby, the old hotel restaurant, 5 rooms on the 1st floor and the women’s toilet downstairs. These modules structured the journey through the exhibition as if it was a movie to facilitate its comprehension for the visitors.

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    “HEIRS OF CHAMPIONS” by Oficina da Imagem

    The present exhibition of eight new promises in the Portuguese photography is a consequence and a confirmation of the actual state of development of the art of writing with light in Portugal. For the second consecutive year, Portugal won the Gold Medal, meaning to be the champion of the world in the international competition World Photographic Cup, considered the Olympics of Photography (worldphotographiccup.org/results/). Some of the artists, Ana Costa, Luís Domingos, Luís Miranda, Marcos Ribeiro and Nicolae Popá are still studying at OFICINA DA IMAGEM school of photography (www.oficinadaimagem.com). Cristina Menezes Alves, Miguel Gago and Rosângela Rodrigues where students in the same school in recent years, now embracing professionalism.

    This collective exhibition will be shown at Hotel Gat Rossio from the 29th July until the 29th September 2017.


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    "Shilin night market - discovery a street food paradise in Taipei " by Joao carlos

    Born in New York to Portuguese parents, João Carlos is an Advertising, Fashion and Fine Art photographer.

    His artistic explorations began with painting and fine arts which led him to study at Ar.co Institute of Art and Visual Communication in Lisbon, Portugal.

    In 2010 he won the Hasselblad Masters Award, a prestigious recognition in the industry, honoring the best in photography.

    He is regularly published in numerous magazines and media outlets. He has numerous exhibitions all over the world, and is constantly invited to speak at events globally.

    Joao Carlos’ exhibition will be shown at Hotel Gat Rossio from the 15th September until the 28th October 2016.


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    Ed Ribeiro gives us a great contribution to understand in depth the whole of religion connection. It is art, with the sensitivity of our people. And this appreciation of Afro-Brazilian culture, which is the work of this artist. Innovative technique, PAINT SPILL, creating forms movements without using brushes, spatulas, or other instruments, with an energy of a great work.

    November 01 to December 30.

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    Sketches of London

    João Martins Pereira is an outdoor photographer based in Lisbon. His main subjects include people, travel and wildlife photography. A passionate traveler, he has visited more than 70 countries capturing geographic, human and cultural diversity.


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    "BAHIA BRASIL QUOTIDIANO" by sinisia coni & armando cr

    Sinisia Coni and Amando CR are a Brazilian couple, newcomers to Lisbon who share a common passion for everyday photography.They capture the moment, the emotion, the spirit … a movement in every moment that is captured in an image.

    Their images transport the observer to place where they feel present; they transmit emotions and manage to steal a smile from whoever is watching. Their pieces will be exhibited at Hotel Gat Rossio from the 25th of February until the 13th of April 2016.



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    "TEchnicolor" by joao martins pereira

    João Martins Pereira is an outdoor photographer based in Lisbon.

    His main subjects include people, travel and wildlife photography.

    A passionate traveler, he has visited more than 70 countries capturing geographic, human and cultural diversity.


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    Talkfest 2014

    The international speaks stayed with us at Gat Rossio Hotel. An event where poets, street musicians, thinkers and much more celebrities from the Lisbon nightlife met in Gat Rossio Hotel and other landmarks of the city. We love that our customers enjoy those events that they would never find in the city guides.

    Francophone party in lisbon

    Gat Rossio is always involved in Lisboa’s events and this time is naturally in too. Street poets and rappers went through Gat Rossio’s terraces…It was great and we would love to repeat. Rappers like S5pee Gozales twisted the concept of improvisation. It was simply a great afternoon in Lisboa.

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    Sexy wine & Amarela wine tasting

    Isn’t it clear enough? What a funny evening providing Gat Rossio’s friends a wine tasting in the sexiest way. Next time do not miss it!

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    Fiesta gat? Yes, please

    Thanks to Heineken we could celebrate an event in Gat Rossio Hotel. Dj’s who came from Germany, UK, USA…It was an unforgettable evening, just very GAT. We will keep doing much more activities, you only have to follow or Facebook Fan Page to know the latest news.