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  • open call - Berlin berlin berlin: 3 visions 1 city

    Organized by Gat Rooms to support new photography talents.
    The competition is framed within the project berlin berlin berlin, 3 visions 1 city, a collective exhibition that will take place in Hotel Gat Point Charlie and the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.

    To take part please submit your work on Instagram at the hashtag #mypointgat

    The 3 categories you can participate in, correspond to the 3 views someone can have about the city of Berlin:

    1) View of the born&raised in Berlin #gatberliner
    2) View of the person that is in the city for a short period of time #gattraveller
    3) View of the person that has moved to the city of Berlin for an indeterminate period of time #gatgreeted

    The following format will be accepted: 1200px for the shortest dimension and 4000px for the longest dimension, resolution of 300dpi. Submission admitted Until the 16th of March 2015.

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    Wege ums Kino

    The exhibition Wege ums Kino took place at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie from the 20th November until the 1st December 2013. Wege ums Kino was an exhibition of up and raising Spanish talents that took the wide world of the cinema as a starting point to elaborate a series of reflexions, re-readings and interpretations about the cinematic experience and its ability to express and produce emotions. The exhibition was built in eight theme modules, distributed among areas like the hotel lobby, the old hotel restaurant, 5 rooms on the 1st floor and the women’s toilet downstairs. These modules structured the journey through the exhibition as if it was a movie to facilitate its comprehension for the visitors.

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    Emilio Fornieles

    From the 27th March until the 27th May 2014, the hotel Gat Point Charlie has dedicated exhibition space to the Spanish painter Emilio Fornieles (born 1975 in Terrasa). Emilio Fornieles is a mentee of the Nobel laureate in literature José Saramago, and this opening allows our guests as well as the general public the unique opportunity of getting closer to the painter and his amazing work. Viewers will be able to enjoy series such as: “Angelitos Negros”, “Flores de Lupanar”, “Lenguaje subjetivo” and “The Wave”.

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    Contemplatio & Magic rooms

    Carlos Collado (Barcelona 1977) : “It moves me to observe people looking at something or someone. Perhaps it is because I identify with the person that stops to contemplate that which has caught their attention. I find that the attitude of observing the unknown and following it with the gaze reveals individuals as they truly are”. Magic Rooms & Compemplatio, are two series of photographs that were shown at the Gat Point Charlie Hotel between the 24th of September and the 29th of October 2014.

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    Sergio Frutos' production moves somewhere in between the figurative and the abstrac and the exhibition at the Gat Point Charlie Hotel is a very good example. A selection of his “Natural History” and “Fake Diary” series can be seen on the walls of our Room Room while a wonderful miscellany of his “Interference Paterns” can be enjoyed at our breakfast area. From the 26th of November 2014 to the 26th of January 2015.



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    "Forat" de adrià de yzaguirre

    Adrià (1985) studied both graphic design and sculpture. After working for some years as an art director in Barcelona for adventising agencies, he moved to Berlin where he focused his attention in illustration and tattooing. His mix of disciplines can be found in the pursuit of balance between simple lines and volumes filled with textures, trademark of his work, which displays an interesting two-sided influence flavored with some recognizable elements of Surrealism and Medieval religious Art. At the Gat Point Charlie from February to April 2015.

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    Talkfest 2014

    The international speaks stayed with us at Gat Rossio Hotel. An event where poets, street musicians, thinkers and much more celebrities from the Lisbon nightlife met in Gat Rossio Hotel and other landmarks of the city. We love that our customers enjoy those events that they would never find in the city guides.

    Francophone party in lisbon

    Gat Rossio is always involved in Lisboa’s events and this time is naturally in too. Street poets and rappers went through Gat Rossio’s terraces…It was great and we would love to repeat. Rappers like S5pee Gozales twisted the concept of improvisation. It was simply a great afternoon in Lisboa.

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    Sexy wine & Amarela wine tasting

    Isn’t it clear enough? What a funny evening providing Gat Rossio’s friends a wine tasting in the sexiest way. Next time do not miss it!

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    Fiesta gat? Yes, please

    Thanks to Heineken we could celebrate an event in Gat Rossio Hotel. Dj’s who came from Germany, UK, USA…It was an unforgettable evening, just very GAT. We will keep doing much more activities, you only have to follow or Facebook Fan Page to know the latest news.


    Always in
    city center

    To feel part of the city Gat Rooms is where the city life is: cafés, museums, clubs, off-circuit galleries, restaurants... everything we love in a city, just around the corner! And of you come to work, don’t worry, Gat Cities’ business disctrict is already in the city center


    Saving money doesn’t mean saving in comfort! Just pay for what is important: friendly and well-trained staff with good tips of the city, cool atmosphere and, of course, free wi-fi. A touch of local culture has sneaked in each Gat Rooms to let the city go with you


    Everything you need with no extras that may increase the price. Long-lasting furniture, big & comfortable matrass and many more big pleasure details. Spend your money on shopping, clubbing, having a romantic dinner or going to exhibitions and getting souvenirs


    We love functional, long-lasting design. we know good design does not mean luxury. Design lovers seek comfort through details, as well as practical solutions to make life easier. Good cosy, practical, detail-caring nice design

    Gat rooms?

    Gat Rooms is “value-conscious” chain of hotels developed by well known hotel entrepreneurs. The chain is aimed to provide high level of essential quality - comfortable beds and cleanliness - for fair value in stylish *** centrally located hotels in major cities. Except breakfast bar, the rest of services are kept to a minimum. However, receptions are well staffed to provide guests with information and assistance

    Gat Rooms

    Gat Rooms is a family-owned business. It has been developed and is currently managed by the family members.Gat Rooms is the result of decades of expertise in the hotel industry and the product and brand concepts have been extensively tested. There are today two hotels in place which proof success - 211 rooms altogether. They are willing to specialize in hotel management

    Gat Rooms

    After several years of market tests and development, Gat Rooms is now committed to follow a long-standing trend in the hotel industry: the separation between property owners and hotel operators. In order to complete a 6 hotels-chain in five years, for example, Gat Rooms needs real estate or property partners that: invest in properties and like Gat Rooms buisness model to the extent that they are willing to have them as tenant

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    Headoffices Barcelona

    • Carrer Ávila 24.28 M1
      08005 Barcelona
    • Tel.: + 34 93 221 04 56
      Fax: + 34 93 224 00 86
    • central@gatrooms.com
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    Gat Point Charlie

    • Mauerstrasse 81-82
      10117 Berlin (Mitte)
    • Tel.: +49 (0) 30 206 71747
      Fax: +49 (0) 30 200 591 20
    • hotelgatpointcharlie@gatrooms.com
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    Gat Rossio

    • Rua jardim do Regedor, 27-35
      1150-193 Lisboa
    • Tel.: +351 213 478 300
      Fax: +351 213 478 301
    • hotelgatrossio@gatrooms.com
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